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YFCU AGM 2021 Held Virtually

The Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster Annual General Meeting took place on 10th April via Zoom virtual communication platform. The YFCU AGM had over 130 members attend the virtual AGM. The YFCU would like to thank all the members for attending and supporting the YFCU AGM. The AGM started of with an overview of the year from the president, Zita McNaugher, saying, “The past 12 months have been challenging for all members of the YFCU but I am extremely proud of the way our members, staff & judges have adapted. We have continued to compete & meet virtually and while it hasn’t been a normal year, it certainly has been memorable. I’d like to thank all our members & staff team for all their hard work & enthusiasm & support. I look forward to seeing the YFCU restarting under the direction of Peter & his new team”.

Update From The YFCU Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer Mr Bob Esler presented the YFCU accounts at the Organisation's AGM. He stated that the YFCU has seen a significant reduction in revenue from events which were either cancelled or postponed over the last year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Honorary Treasurer highlighted the importance of our core funders and sponsors and thanked them for their continued support during the pandemic. The YFCU look forward to returning to normality as soon as restrictions are relaxed and running a full schedule of events for all our members.

Welcoming Guest Speakers And Special Guests To YFCU AGM

YFCU are delighted to have two Special YFC guests at the YFCU AGM from the Wales YFC and Scottish Association Young Farmers Clubs. The YFCU look forward to working in partnership with all young Farmers Clubs across the United Kingdom. Commenting on the AGM, Gemma Bruce, Scottish Association of Young Farmers' Clubs, saying,” It was fantastic to see so many members in attendance at the YFCU AGM. It is was also great to see a number of candidates competing for the Deputy and Vice President roles. Both are a sign of the strength of the YFCU organisation and incredibly reassuring given the challenges faced by everyone this past year”.

YFCU are proud to announce a special guest at the AGM, Niall Evans and Linzi Steward from Rural Youth Europe. YFCU and Rural Youth Europe work in partnership on lots of different events across Europe, working to promote and activate young people in the countryside. Providing international training possibilities and works as an intermediary between national organisations, youth organisations and public institutions on an European level. Commenting on the AGM, Linzi Steward, Chairwoman, Rural Youth Europe, said " Thank you for inviting Rural Youth Europe to join YFCU virtual AGM. It was a privilege to attend. Well done to Zita and all outgoing office bearers on doing an incredible job in a very difficult and uncertain year. It’s very inspiring to see how the members have adapted and overcome to keep the organisation going through challenging times. Best wishes to Peter and all incoming office members for the year ahead. We have no doubt you will continue to develop and go from strength to strength. Thank you for your continuing support to Rural Youth Europe and we look forward to engaging with more and more members both virtually and in person."


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