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Matter is a clothing brand with a purpose

Let’s hear from YFCU Vice President Hannah Kirkpatrick, Founder of Matter Clothing Brand. Hannah talks about her experience setting up Matter and the thoughtful purpose behind the brand.

photo caption:Hannah Kirkpatrick, Founder of Matter Clothing Brand

1. Why did you start brand ‘Matter’?

I started Matter to help raise awareness around Mental Health in agriculture. I wanted to help break down the stigma around it and remind everyone that it is ok not to be ok and that no matter how you are feeling, you will always matter to someone. I also wanted to help support the great work of Rural Support and by giving 10% of Matter profits to the charity, I hope it helps to continue their great work.

2. Reason behind the brand name?

The reason behind the brand name is simply to remind everyone that you matter. Matter means to be important or significant. I want everyone to be reminded of that day and daily, they do matter and are both important and significant in their own way.

3. What has your experience so far been with Matter?

So far the experience of Matter has been overwhelming, the support from family, friends, members of YFCU and strangers has been amazing! The brand has really taken off and I can’t thank those who have supported, promoted or bought a jumper enough.

4. What does the future hold for Matter?

The future is bright for Matter. We have new products in the pipeline for Christmas and I hope to get out to some Christmas fairs too. We have big plans to continue to spread the awareness for Mental Health in agriculture and I am very excited to bring everyone along on the journey. I couldn’t have done any of it without the support and encouragement I have received so far.

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