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YFCU Sheep Stock Judging Competition held virtually for the second year running

Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster, the largest rural youth organisation in Northern Ireland would like to congratulate all members for taking part in the Sheep Stock Judging Competition with over 530 member participating. Congratulations to everyone who got through to the final! We would like to thank the members for taking on the challenge to stay connected and adapting to virtual events which would normally be held physically.

The online Sheep Stock Judging Competition was similar to the normal competition with members judging two rings and one assessment animal. Members who made it through to the final had to give their verbal results to judges via Zoom Virtual Communications. This is the second Sheep Stock Judging Competition to be held virtually in ninety years of the Association. YFCU look forward to easing of COVID-19 restrictions and seeing events and competitions being held in person again.

YFCU would like to give a special thank you to our new sponsor Fane Valley for sponsoring the stock judging competitions in the YFCU events calendar. The support and sponsorship given by Fane Valley makes the Stock Judging Competitions possible for all YFCU members.

YFCU would like to show appreciation to the judges and the members Sam Reid and William Beattie from Finvoy YFC who provided the stock judging videos for the competition.

Judges Scores for Sheep Stock judging:

Ring 1: XBYA

Ring 2: YXAB

Assessment Animal

General Appearance: 15

Head/Ears/ Neck: 7

Mouth: 6

Body Size: 19

Back/ Hindquarters/ Udder: 15

Fleece: 7

Legs & Feet: 10

Animal A Ring 1

General Appearance: 12

Head/Ears/ Neck: 7

Mouth: 6

Body Size: 15

Back/ Hindquarters/ Udder: 12

Fleece: 6

Legs & Feet: 10

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