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YFCU have great success running new arable competition

Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster is delighted to announce the first arable competition being ran in YFCU events calendar was a great success. The new competition saw 17 YFCU members across the country take part to showcase their crop growing skills and knowledge. The arable competition was judged on winter barley crops.

The competition consisted of series of county heats and a day of judging for the final, the judges of the arable competition meet the growers on their farm. The winter barley crops were judged on the following areas potential yield, disease, weeds and lodging & uniformity.

Congratulations to Joel Milligan from Collone YFC on winning first place in arable Competition finals.

Well done to David Caldwell from Curragh YFC who was placed second and Thomas Annett from Spa YFC in third. Victoria Minford from Holestone YFC was placed fourth.

Commenting on the arable competition, Tony McIvor, Goulding NI, Sales Rep saying "Firstly all crops viewed had the highest yield potential I have seen in many years, attention to detail was excellent. Clearly, attention to crop nutrition and rotation will pay big dividends in 2021. We in Goulding NI Fertilisers would like to wish all the finalists the best of luck in their upcoming harvest."

YFCU would like to give a Special thank you to our sponsor Goulding NI for sponsoring and judging the first arable competition in the organisation. YFCU look forward to growing our sponsorship in future competitions.

Photo caption: (l-r) Matthew Jones, Gouldings NI, Joel Milligan, Collone YFC, Tony McIvor, Gouldings NI

(l-r) Matthew Jones, Gouldings NI, David Cauldwell, Curragh YFC, Tony McIvor, Gouldings NI

(l-r) Matthew Jones, Gouldings NI, Thomas Annett, Spa YFC, Tony McIvor, Gouldings NI

(l-r) Matthew Jones, Gouldings NI, Victoria Minford, Holestone YFC, Tony McIvor, Gouldings NI

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