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YFCU Executive celebrate World Wellbeing Week

Our Executive committee celebrated World Wellbeing Week on Wednesday 26th June 2024, when they held their meeting at the Lansdowne Hotel in Belfast.

YFCU Deputy President Kristina Fleming said "With the launch of our Cuppa & A Catch Up campaign, it was great to see so many members making the time to catch up with friends and past YFCU members. Life can be so busy and we often forget to take the time to check in on one another, so it was great to have the Cuppa & A Catch Up campaign as a reminder to make the time. I am looking forward to seeing the campaign grow".

Our Wellbeing and Development committee organised this campaign and launched it at the Balmoral Show on Saturday 18th May 2024. Chairperson of the committee Lauren Vance explained that the reason behind the Cuppa & A Catch Up coasters was to encourage fellow members to make the time for a catch up and "turn words into action", all in the hope to promote positive mental wellbeing.


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