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YFCU boys' football final displays skill and good sportsmanship

The YFCU's popular boys' five-a-side junior and senior football final took place at Desertmartin.

Senior teams and junior teams enthusiastically took to the pitch to battle it out for a place in the final.

Both junior and senior teams played in their own league with each team playing each other. At the end of each league, the top two teams from the junior and senior tournaments played against each other.

In the junior competition, Collone YFC and Randalstown YFC played against each other in the final. Collone YFC then triumphed to take home the junior title.

Kilraughts YFC and Randalstown YFC finished top in the senior tournament and played against each other in the final. Following a tense match, Kilraughts YFC YFC defended their title coming in first place with Randalstown YFC being awarded second place.

The Fair Play Awards was presented to Coleraine YFC and Randalstown YFC.

The YFCU would like to extend a note of thanks to all the stewards for their help in coordinating and refereeing the matches.


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