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‘Something so small can mean so much to so many people’- Young Farmers’ step in to help and suppo...

Several Young Farmers’ Clubs have been offering their services to help support the vulnerable in their communities over the last few weeks.

Coleraine YFC decided to fill their car full of fuel and distribute letters of support to households in their communities; covering over thirty miles. The letters where aimed to let people know that they were there if they ever needed a chat or help.

The letters were a great success with several members of their communities taking the offer of help. In particular, one elderly lady, 93 years old, who lives by herself had become rather isolated due to the current Lockdown measures. After she received her letter of help she phoned the club for a chat. During the phone-call the lady shared all about herself and the local area, even making her own connections with the club.

Coleraine YFC have now put together a call list of individuals who are vulnerable and need a wee check in now and again to firstly, see how they are and secondly, see if they need any help.

Ruth Adams, Coleraine YFC stated, ‘These letters have really made us feel like we have reached out and helped those in need, doing something so small can mean so much to so many people.’

Due to the long supermarket queues and lack of supplies, Garvagh YFC decided to team up with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust to organise a Food Bank.

The club collected food donations for three days managing to produce several food packages. The food packages contained all Long-Life products such as UTH Milk, rice and tinned items, alongside, fruit juices and custard. The food packages were distributed to families who were in need and struggling to get food- all whilst following social distancing protocols.

Several vulnerable members of Garvagh’s community; especially the elderly, do not have access to social media and therefore don’t see any posts in regards to offering help and support. Garvagh YFC reached out to these vulnerable individuals by distributing a leaflet to households in their area. The leaflet was to let individuals know who to contact in the club if they ever needed any help.

In Fermanagh, Kesh Young Farmers’ asked their present and past members and families to donate supplies for their local NHS. The club collected Long- Life Food alongside much needed toiletries. After all the donations where collected they gifted everything to Ward 1 in the South West Acute Hospital. [MORE]

Gillian Henderson, Kesh YFC, stated; ‘the donations were a small token of their appreciation to the incredible work being carried out by our NHS heroes on a daily basis.

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