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Don't let roofs be your downfall

HSENI are urging farmers to stop and think SAFE. 'SAFE' reflects the four main causes of fatal accidents on local farms: slurry, animals, falls (from height), equipment.Too many falls from farm building roofs result in serious injury, disruption to farm business activity, additional indirect costs and sadly on occasions, a grieving family.

HESNI have a list of tips to help ensure your safety while working with heights:

1. All work at height MUST be planned AND fragile surfaces identified by a competent person

2. Anyone undertaking work at height MUST be adequately trained and competent to do the job

3. Any equipment used for working at height MUST be suitable for the job

4. Equipment MUST be adequately maintained with relevant safety checks completed by a competent person

5. Any person operating this equipment MUST be familiar with the equipment AND trained to operate it

6. All leading edges must have suitable and sufficient protection to stop people falling from height both internally and externally

7. Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPS) (e.g. scissor lifts or cherry pickers) are the preferred method for working at height if a scaffold platform cannot be erected

Following these tips and tricks may save a life, for more information follow these useful links:

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