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Young Farmers get ready to travel to Austria for European Rally 2023

The Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) is pleased to announce that a team of five members will be representing the Association at the Rural Youth Europe: European Rally in Austria. The event will take place from 30th July to 6th August 2023 at Bildungszentrum Ehrental, Klagenfurt, Austria, under the theme "Grow-Eat-Repeat: Circular Economy of Food."

Led by YFCU President, Stuart Mills, the team consists of Matthew Livingstone, YFCU Vice President and member of Collone YFC; Rebecca Brunt from Trillick and District YFC; Andrew Reid from Crumlin YFC; and Cathy Reid from Castlecaulfield YFC.

This year’s European Rally endeavours to raise awareness among rural youth regarding the long-term consequences of food production and consumption on our planet. The primary objective of the event is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to make sustainable choices when it comes to food. Moreover, it offers a platform to explore the circular economy of food and discover sustainable strategies implemented by other member-led organisations. Sharing best practices, innovative ideas, methodologies, and activities pertaining to regional food production, recycling, and carbon dioxide reduction will also be central to the week-long event. The goal is to empower young people to actively engage in the development, enhancement, and support of their local communities. Participants will gain valuable insights into how individuals and organisations can contribute to circular economies. Attendees will work on designing a booklet to compile ideas and action plans that can be utilised by partner organisations.

YFCU President and Rally Team Leader, Stuart Mills said "As the President of Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster, I am thrilled to be attending the Rural Youth Europe, European Rally 2023. This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with like-minded young farmers and youth groups from across Europe. We look forward to sharing our best practices, participating in enriching workshops, and experiencing the vibrant cultures of different countries. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Danske Bank, for their continued commitment and sponsorship, enabling us to represent YFCU at the European Rally 2023."

Rodney Brown, Head of Agribusiness, Danske Bank highlighted “Danske Bank are delighted to support the YFCU European Rally as part of our Platinum Sponsorship. This is an excellent opportunity for the Rally Team to learn from experience and to broaden their knowledge through sharing best practices with “like minded people” from a range of European countries. We wish them safe travels and look forward to reading the booklet on the output from their workshops.”

YFCU is proud to send this dedicated team to represent the organisation and contribute to the sustainable development of rural communities. The Organisation would again like to thank Danske Bank for their continued sponsorship of our members and granting them the opportunity to travel, enhance their knowledge and contribute to their personal growth.

Back row (l-r) Rebecca Brunt, Trillick and District YFC, Cathy Reid from Castlecaulfield YFC, Seamus McCormick, Senior Agribusiness Manager, Danske Bank, YFCU President, Stuart Mills, Rodney Carson Brown, Head of Agribusiness, Danske Bank and Ann Armstrong, Agribusiness Manager, Danske Bank.

Front row(l-r) Andrew Reid, Crumlin YFC and Matthew Livingstone, Collone YFC.


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