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YFCU hosts YFSeesYou Ambassador Training for the organisation

Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster, Northern Irelands largest rural youth organisation hosted a mental health training weekend at La Mon Hotel for the new YFSeesYou Ambassadors in the organisation. The Ambassador Training focused on positive mental health and wellbeing, as well as raising awareness and addressing mental ill health.

The Ambassador Training covered lots of relevant topics over the two day weekend, such as bereavement training; emotional, physical and mental wellness; coaching skills and mentoring skills. The earnest topics on Ambassador Training were difficult topics to cover but are vital for all YFSeesYou Ambassadors. The training gives them the necessary knowledge and skills to assist members in their club and local community.

YFCU would like to thank Rural Support, members and staff for taking part in the training, as it will make a substantial positive impact in our local communities and will help to remove the stigma that surrounds mental and emotional wellbeing. Ambassador Training will help all YFSeesYou Ambassadors to offer guidance and signposting to external support.

Commenting on YFSeesYou Ambassador Training, Peter Alexander, YFCU President said "The organisation’s mental health campaign has just completed our next step by training up 9 members who will work as YFSeesYou Ambassadors with our clubs and members during their winter programme. I would encourage all clubs to get in contact with HQ and book an Ambassador to come to their club meeting for an interactive talk on positive emotional and mental health. The training provided by Rural Support was challenging but also very worthwhile for all members and I would like to thank them for their support.”

photo caption: YFCU Members attending YFSeesYou Ambassador Training at La Mon Hotel

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