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YFCU have great success at the Stock Judging competition finals 2023

The Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) proudly hosted the highly anticipated Beef, Sheep, and Dairy Stock Judging competition finals on Tuesday, July 4th, 2023, at the College of Agriculture Food & Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) Greenmount Campus. Sponsored by Fane Valley, the event marked a significant highlight in the YFCU Calendar and delivered an exceptional experience for all participants.

The journey towards the 2023 finals began in April, with county heats held across Northern Ireland. These heats witnessed the participation of over 1000 entries, showcasing the enthusiasm and dedication of the Young Farmers. Following the rigorous selection process, a total of 373 members were invited to take part in the Northern Ireland finals.

On the day of the finals, a panel of 18 expert judges, consisting of six judges for each category of beef, sheep, and dairy, arrived at the venue. Their responsibility was to meticulously select, mark, and assess nine animals in each competition. The YFCU finalists then proceeded to assess the animals independently before engaging with judges in their respective age categories to discuss their answers and reasoning.

YFCU President, Stuart Mills, commended the participants for their exceptional performance and unwavering commitment throughout the competition. He expressed his admiration, stating, "The YFCU Stock Judging finals have once again showcased the outstanding abilities of our Young Farmers. Their dedication, knowledge, and practical skills demonstrated during this event are truly commendable. It is inspiring to witness the level of passion and expertise they bring to the agricultural sector."

Fane Valley, based in Northern Ireland, has established itself as a leading agricultural and food processing enterprise in Ireland. With a focus on innovation and progress. They have diversified their operations to encompass various sectors within the industry. It is involved in animal feed manufacturing, providing essential agricultural supplies, livestock identification services, and offering agronomy and forage solutions.

Niall McCool, Fane Valley Group Communications & Marketing Manager, commented “Fane Valley is delighted to continue sponsorship as Lead Sponsor to Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster ‘Stock Judging’ Competition, which has taken place across the County Heats this year and then unto the popular Final’s Day. We are excited to be associated and engage with the many Young Farmers across Northern Ireland. Fane Valley can relate to the effort, commitment, and the importance of the Stock Judging competition and we are happy that we can partner with YFCU to showcase this wonderful competition as it goes from strength to strength.”

As a significant part of the YFCU competition year, the Stock Judging Competitions depend on support from a wide range of stakeholders. YFCU would first like to extend our sincere thanks to Fane Valley for their continued sponsorship and support of this important competition. The Organisation would also like to thank the judges who attended both the heats and finals, many of whom served multiple competitions and travelled great distances to offer their expertise and valuable time. Finally, thanks must be extended to CAFRE, Greenmount Campus for their support and work in planning this event with YFCU staff and facilitating the finals evening, as well as each of the farms and Livestock Marts which hosted the county heats.



1st- Zara Morton, Mountnorris YFC

2nd- Katie Coulter, Ballywalter YFC

3rd- Sophie McCabe, Spa YFC


1st- Jack Wilson, Collone YFC

2nd- Clarke Balfour, Lisbellaw YFC

3rd- Robbie Douglas, Spa YFC


1st- Charlie Henderson, Trillick & District YFC

2nd- James Morrison, Lisbellaw YFC

3rd- Molly Acheson, Coleraine YFC


1st- Ryan Erskine, Gleno Valley YFC

2nd- Craig Robson, Holestone YFC

3rd- Jamie McCutcheon, Trillick & District YFC


1st- Jack Wilson, Lisbellaw YFC

2nd- Callum Nelson, Ballywalter YFC

3rd- James Scroggie, Collone YFC


1st- Cathy Holmes, Curragh YFC

2nd- Iain Wilson, Gleno Valley YFC

3rd- Lynsay Hawkes, Seskinore YFC



1st- Oliver Patton, Ballywalter YFC

2nd- Angus McCullough, Lisnamurrican YFC

3rd- Jasmine Foot, Rathfriland YFC


1st- James Coulter, Ballywalter YFC

2nd- Justin Ross, Gleno Valley YFC

3rd- Ollie Boyd, Garvagh YFC


1st- Lucy Morton, Bleary YFC

2nd- Jamie Holmes, Garvagh YFC

3rd- Anna Taylor, Coleraine YFC


1st- Zara Preston, Cappagh YFC

2nd- Victoria Currie, Kilraughts YFC

3rd- Karen Gilmore, Killinchy YFC


1st- James Fullerton, Kells & Connor YFC

2nd- Claire Adams, Lisanmurrican YFC

2nd-James Millsopp, Garvagh

3rd- Hannah Shaw, Spa YFC


1st- Cathy Holmes, Curragh YFC

2nd- Rachel McCracken Ballywalter YFC

3rd- Iain Wilson, Gleno Valley YFC



1st- David Hamilton, Donaghadee YFC

2nd-Oliver Patton, Ballywalter YFC

3rd- Katie-Rose Wallace, Crumlin YFC


1st- Laura Neill, Collone YFC

2nd- James Gregg, Glarryford YFC

3rd- Lexie Hayes, Glarryford YFC


1st- Deon Fleming, Glarryford YFC

2nd- Eimear Kelly, Randalstown YFC

3rd- John Hamilton, Donaghadee YFC


1st- Ailsa Fleming, Spa YFC

2nd- Jack Shanks, Lylehill YFC

3rd- Jamie McKelvey, Clanabogan YFC


1st- James Scroggie, Collone YFC

2nd- Callum Nelson, Ballywalter YFC

3rd- Philip Beattie, Finvoy YFC


1st- Robert Stewart, Ballywalter YFC

2nd- Richard Beattie, Finvoy YFC

3rd- Shannen Vance, Trillick & District YFC

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