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YFCU Dairy stock Judging Final Results 2021

YFCU would like to congratulate all members for taking part in the Dairy Stock Judging Competition 2021. Congratulations to everyone who took part and all those who got through to the final! We would like to thank the members for taking on the challenge to stay connected and adapting to virtual events which would normally be held physically.

The online Dairy Stock Judging was similar to the normal competition with members judging two rings and one assessment animal. This is the second dairy stock judging competition to be held virtually in ninety years of the Association. YFCU look forward to easing of COVID-19 restrictions and seeing events and competitions being held in person again.

YFCU would like to show appreciation to Nicholas McCann, Thoburn McCaughey, Andy Cowan, Geoffrey Patton & Paul Dunn for their support and adapting to our virtual format for Dairy Stock Judging.

Below are the results of dairy Stock Judging 2021:

12-14 years old

4th place – Grace George & Rebecca George, Collone

3rd place – Oliver Patton, Ballywalter

2nd place – Max Watson, Coleraine

1st place – Isabella Gregg, Glarryford

14-16 years old

4th – Emma Kinnear, Bleary

3rd – Zara Robson, Holestone

2nd – Rachel McCollum, Coleraine

1st – James Morrison, Lisbellaw

16-18years old

4th – Ashley Neill, Collone

3rd – Samuel Bruce, Curragh

2nd – Rachel Kinnear, Bleary

1st – Ailsa Fleming, Spa

18-21 years old

4th – Nicola Mitchell, Annaclone & Magherally

3rd – Rachel Boyce, Garvagh

2nd – Jamie McCutcheon, Trillick & District

1st – Leah Steele, Crumlin

21-25 years old

4th – Ruth Adams, Coleraine

3rd – Zoe Maguire, Bleary

2nd – William Parkinson, Lisbellaw

1st – Matthew Mulholland, Kilrea

25-30 years old

4th – Ryan Adams, Coleraine

3rd – Richard Beattie, Finvoy

2nd – Andrew Patton, Newtownards

1st – Jane Patton, Newtownards

Results of dairy final placings:

RING 1 – YBAX 327

RING 2 – BAXY 192

Results of assessment animal:

General – 17/20

Head – 7/10

Shoulders – 7/10

Body 8/10

Hindquarters – 7/10

Udder – 20/25

Teats – 9/10

Legs – 11/15


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