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Junior Weekend 2022- YFCU Takes Carlingford🤠

52 junior members and 7 leaders recently made their way to Carlingford Adventure Centre for the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster Junior Weekend, the first residential trip since 2019. The group got some of the hottest weather we have seen all year for their fun pack weekend. The trip was led by Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster President Peter Alexander, Vice Presidents, Shannen Vance and Richard Beattie along with, Holestone YFC Treasurer, Clara McConnell, Holestone Public Relations Officer, Laura Patterson and Kilraughts YFC senior member Lauren McNeill.

YFCU junior members who took part in the junior weekend which was held at Carlingford Adventure Centre.

To start the weekend the juniors participated in ice breakers followed by a quiz led by leaders before heading to bed to get some rest for the weekend ahead.

On Saturday morning the members headed down to Carlingford harbour to enjoy some stand-up paddle boarding which was followed by some impressive pier jumping, the leaders getting in on the action too, a perfect way to keep cool in the heat of the day! The group then headed off to their next activity- axe and spear throwing, along with some archery. To finish the day, the members took part in a night of team games.

YFCU members participating in the stand-up paddle boarding experience.

On Sunday morning the members and leaders went to the sky park for some crystal maze games. These activities allowed them to work in teams to solve a series of problems, testing a variety of the groups’ skills and abilities, in particular, their logical thinking skills to obtain as many gems as possible to get out of the maze. The group then re-joined to enjoy lunch together before going home.

YFCU junior members participating In the Crystal Maze Challenge

One of the YFCU Juniors said “I had a great weekend in Carlingford. The activity which I enjoyed doing the most was paddle boarding and the weather made it even better. I also liked meeting new people from other clubs and the staff was very helpful and friendly.”

YFCU President, Peter Alexander highlighted “It was great to be able to hold the junior weekend again this year as it is a brilliant opportunity for the junior members to learn more about the organisation and meet new friends from across all the counties. The juniors are the future of our organisation and it’s great to see them away on weekends like this having fun and grasping the opportunities YFCU has to offer.”

Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster would like to thank Danske Bank for their continued support along with the leaders who took time out of their weekend to ensure all juniors had a fantastic time and returned home safely.


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