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10th Annual Farm Safety Week💛

Farm Safety Week is an annual event led by the Farm Safety Foundation - Yellow Wellies and takes place across the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland from 18th July to 23nd July 2022 in a bid to remind farmers to remain vigilant to the many dangers associated with working on the farm.

Even after 10 years of #FarmSafetyWeek Farming still is one of the top occupations in regards to poor safety records and it's time for change !!

In Northern Ireland, farming accounted for 6 of the 18 reportable workplace fatalities in 2021/2022 representing 33% (HSENI).

Unlike most industries agriculture doesn't just present harm to those working directly in it but also those around you like family, friends, children living on the farm and visiting.

The causes of major injuries and death on farms across the island of Ireland come from incidents involving machinery and equipment, animals, falls, and slurry, Farm Safety Week's aim is to help change this.

The Farm Safety Partnership highlighted, since starting their campaign, they have lost a total of 363 people to farm incidents. We urge farmers that these aren't just statistics because behind every fatal accident there are family, friends, children left devastated.

The Clock is Ticking and It's Time for Change!!!!⏱

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