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Safeguarding and Training Executive


About the job

Report To: Business Services Manager

Annual Leave:
Full Time Equivalent: 21 days (plus 12 statutory days)
Part Time 20 hours: 12 days (plus 48hrs statutory days allowance)

Job Purpose
The primary objective of this role is to develop, implement, and oversee safeguarding, policies and procedures, as well as provide training and support to staff members and club / county officials to ensure compliance and promote a safe working and youth setting environment.
The position would be line managed by the Business Services Manager.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities
1. Develop and implement safeguarding policies and procedures in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.
2. Develop and implement all relevant behaviour policies and procedures in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.
3. Develop and update a Club Handbook, and ensure it is understood and used
4. Develop and implement relevant documents for policies and procedures, to be used by parents and members of YFCU
5. Provide guidance and support to staff members and club / county officials on safeguarding matters, including identifying and responding to safeguarding concerns.
6. Provide guidance and support to staff members and club / county officials on behaviour matters, including identifying and responding to behaviour and bullying concerns.
7. Conduct training sessions for staff members and club / county officials on topics such as safeguarding principles, recognising signs of abuse, and reporting procedures.
8. Design and deliver training on the Club Handbook, including topics such as behaviour, bullying and positive treatment agreements
9. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, such as HR, legal, and external agencies, to ensure a coordinated approach to safeguarding and behaviour management.
10. Stay abreast of developments in safeguarding legislation and best practices, and update policies and procedures accordingly.
11. Serve as a point of contact for staff members, club officials, members and parents to report safeguarding concerns and provide assistance and follow-up as needed.
12. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of all policies, procedures, and training initiatives, and make recommendations for improvement.
13. To carry out any other related duties that may reasonably be expected from time to time

The key responsibilities above give a broad outline of the functions of the post. However, these duties must be approached in a flexible manner. The post holder will be expected to adapt to changing circumstances and undertake other duties appropriate to the grade of the post as allocated by your line manager as part of working in a small team to deliver for YFCU from time to time.

1. Members of staff are expected to treat those with whom they come into contact in a courteous and respectful manner in accordance with the Dignity at Work Procedure.
2. Staff are expected to demonstrate their commitment to YFCU by their regular attendance and the efficient completion of all tasks allocated to them.
3. Staff must take care of their own health and safety and that of people who may be affected by what they do (or do not do).
4. Staff must co-operate with others on health and safety, and not interfere with, or misuse, anything provided for their health, safety or welfare.
5. Staff must follow the training they have received when using any work items their employer has given them.
6, Staff must follow YFCU policy and procedures as outlined in staff handbook
7. The post holder will maintain high standards of personal accountability

Essential Experience
1. Minimum of 1 year of experience working in a role such as social work, HR, Youth Work, or a related field
2. Strong understanding of safeguarding legislation, policies, and best practices.
3. Strong understanding of behaviour, policies, and best practices.
4 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to train and engage diverse audiences, including young people and volunteers.
5. Proven ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.
6. Demonstrated commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and ethical conduct.

Essential Skills and Abilities
1. Excellent oral and written communication skills
2. Report and copy writing skills
3. Strong IT skills, (particularly Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook)
4. Excellent organisational and time management skills
5. The ability to manage under pressure and work to targets and tight deadlines.
6. Excellent relationship building skills.
7. Effective team building skills
8. To be self-motivated and have the ability to work: independently or as part of a team.
9. The ability to work on own initiative and to use initiative to problem solve and make decisions
10. Ability to demonstrate a positive effect on employee engagement and motivation in previous employed roles

Essential Knowledge:
1. Knowledge of Child Protection legislation
2. Awareness of data protection legislation and principles of data confidentiality, particularly around marketing and data processing.

Candidates should have a full driving licence and access to a car for business purposes or access to a form of transport that will meet the travel requirements of the post.

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