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Access NI in YFCU


About Access NI

Access NI is a criminal history disclosure service in Northern Ireland. By law, some employers must check your criminal history before they recruit. When asked by these employers, Access NI supplies criminal history information about job applicants, volunteers and employees.

Criminal history disclosure

A criminal history check is also known as a disclosure. Access NI searches your details against UK criminal records and police information. These searches may disclose any criminal history to certain employers and organisations. Access NI produces a disclosure certificate for every check.

YFCU & Access NI

As well as our safeguarding policy, YFCU are required by law to carry out an Enhanced Access NI check for any person involved in YFCU that has contact with Children or Vulnerable adults. All potential staff and volunteers with substantial access to children, young people and adults, and who hold regulated positions as set out in the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Order 2003 and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (NI) Order 2007, are required to have completed an enhanced disclosure check through Access NI.

Why do I need an Access NI check?

The purpose of the check is to make sure that people are not appointed who might be unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable people. The process will be highly confidential. Applicants can be assured that adverse reports received through the vetting process will be taken into account only when
it is considered relevant to the role. Any disclosure will be seen in the context of the role and the nature
of the information.

Memebers with a leadership role (inc. Leaders, Secretaries, Treasurers, PRO's, Staff and other leaders) will have unsupervised access to under 18's (regarded as Regulated Activity) and so we are required to carry out an Access NI check.

What should I be aware of?

Following this process we will complete an enhanced checks on the applicant and he/she should be aware that:

  • The Children's Barred List will be searched and YFCU will be informed if there are any convictions. (YFCU will not be issued with the details and it will be up to the individual, if they want to share them at this stage).

  • It is against the law for employers to employ someone or allow them to volunteer for this kind of work if they know they’re on one of the barred lists. Equally, it is against the law for someone currently on the barred list to apply for positions requiring barred list checks. 

  • By completing a disclosure form for any position in YFCU, you are agreeing to the above information (if any) being disclosed to YFCU, and appropriate action (if any) being taken thereafter. Please click here for our policy on recruiting offenders. 


Please click here for more information on the Access NI Code of Practice

How do I complete an Access NI application?

Why we need to to verify your ID.

All Club Leaders, Secretaries and Club Presidents’ must complete an Access NI application upon taking on the role.

Each role is required to complete this check annually after your club AGM, even if you have done this previously.


To complete an Access NI application, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and apply for an Enhanced check through a registered body

  2. Complete the PIN form with your details. Ensure the pin number on the form is 451466 (this is linked directly to Ruth Megahey in YFCU Office)

  3. Contact your Club Mentor or Executive member and ask them to verify your 3 forms of ID.

    1. Page 2 on the PIN form states which IDs can be used.

    2. You will need to photocopy your IDs and your Club Mentor or Executive member will need to sign and date these

  4. Your Club Mentor or Executive member will then need to see your IDs to verify the information and sign the photocopies 

    1. The verification can either be face to face or virtually via a video call to view the IDs

    2.  Either yourself or your Club Mentor must email your completed PIN form along with the signed copies of your IDs to Ruth in YFCU Office on  

  5. Once received by HQ, your application can be processed and, if approved by Access NI, you will receive your certificate to your email address. 

YFCU is the ‘Registered Body’ and must:

  • Ensure that applications for Access NI certificates are completed accurately and that all data fields, as determined by Access NI as mandatory, are completed in full

  • Verify the identity of the applicant prior to the submission of an application for an Access NI certificate by following the current guidelines issued by Access NI

  • Ensure that the applicant details on the disclosure application match those on the identity documentation

  • Ensure that any person undertaking identity verification checks on their behalf follows the current guidelines issued by Access NI

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